4 Tips to prepare for commercial cleaning service


4 Tips to Prepare for Commercial Cleaning Services

Hiring a cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity. All facilities need to be cleaned. A clean building is required for health code requirements, to project a favorable image for customers and potential employees. A clean working environment also enhances the morale of the employees. 


As you look into hiring a cleaning company, here are 4 tips to prepare for a beneficial and lasting partnership.

Set Cleaning Goals and Expectations

 When hiring a cleaning company, you must first clearly define the expectations. When expectations are set, doubts, fears, and concerns are eliminated. Without goals, there is no way to measure success. Discuss your goals with the cleaning company during the initial visit and before an estimate is given. They will keep these goals in mind as they are putting together the plans that will allow them to accomplish the project in the set amount of time. Be sure to define the areas that are expected to be cleaned with each visit and the areas of the building that are restricted. In doing so, the cleaning service will focus on the areas that are most important to your team.

What to Expect After The Walk Through With  A Cleaning Company

During the walkthrough, the cleaning company will take measurements of the areas to be cleaned. They will ask questions in order to familiarize themselves with your facility. Your transparency about your needs allows them to know what you expect.

After the walkthrough, they will send you a proposal. Once received, you should review it with them to ensure that all expectations are met and agreed upon.  Once you accept the proposal, your next step is to prepare for their arrival.


Remove Sensitive Materials From Desks

It is essential to develop a cleaning success plan. This will allow the cleaning service to be efficient and potentially avoid unnecessary expenses. In order to prepare for the cleaning team:

  1. Place confidential and/or sensitive files and information in a secure location. Be sure to remove them from desks or open areas before the cleaner arrives. 

  2. Lock computers and never leave written passwords laying around. 

  3. Unwanted items should be removed from desks and floors. This can make the work of the cleaning service more efficient.

Notify Your Employees 

Let your employees know that professional cleaners will be coming into the building to clean and they should prepare their work areas accordingly. In doing so, the employees will not be alarmed when they see new faces in the building. 

Provide and Request Feedback

After the initial cleaning service is completed, provide feedback to the cleaning service. Let them know what you think of their service. It is important that you measure the service based upon the goals agreed upon at the time of the walk through. Discuss what you like about their work and any changes you would like to see happen in the future.  Be constructive, clear, and detailed. Do a walk-through if needed and point out your likes and dislikes.  

Ask for feedback from the cleaners. Gain their professional recommendations on future projects.  Feedback helps both parties to be better and create a stronger partnership.

Having a cleaning partner that understands your needs and delivers what you expect is important. Success is only achieved through setting goals, preparation, execution and candid review. To hire an excellent cleaning service partner to clean your office, visit us today at www.ancenta.com

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