The Ancenta New Contract Cleaning Process

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Before bidding on any contracts, we always begin by visiting the location (or locations) where service will be provided.  On our initial building walkthrough, we listen to our potential client’s requests while making note of their goal and the standard they are expecting. We ask for permission take photos and videos (when not prohibited) to be used for quoting and for our project planning. After the walkthrough, a quote is sent within 24 hours to the potential client.

Like any delighted moments, when we are awarded a new contract, a plan of action is developed to bring the building up to the customer’s brand standard and meet their goals. Oftentimes, they just want the place cleaned. However, this plan helps us establish a baseline of cleanliness so employees understand the daily standard they must achieve. At this time, we also determine the equipment and teams needed for the location(s), to successfully achieve the expected standard.

A building profile is also created, so all team members who will have access to this building will have the same basic information about the client, their industry, building type and their requirements.  We then choose the team lead while training to include work scope, chemicals, and equipment to be used at the location(s) are initiated. At this time, we also review clients’ procedures, regarding to check in, safety, identification, etc.

All necessary documents will be sent to the new client per their specifications. Documents include:

  1. Onboarding packet
  2. Background checks on all personnel who will be working on-site.
  3. Commercial Liability, commercial vehicle, and workman’s compensation insurance certificates.
  4. W-9 tax document
  5. And Safety Data Sheets of chemicals that will be used onsite.

Cleaning supplies and equipment are delivered prior to but most often on day of service to be started. A final walkthrough is done with the team where scope of work, item locations, alarm system, emergency contact and off limit areas are revisited.

After initial the cleaning is completed, the team gets together to discuss anything that was discovered, recommendations on strategy improvements etc. The building will be transitioned to the cleaning crew, that will maintain the building daily. They too will complete daily task list according to project plan and also identifying any require cleaning products or items to be brought to the attention of the clients.

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