The Ancenta New Contract Cleaning Process

supervisor reading report

Before bidding on any contracts, we always begin by visiting the location (or locations) where service will be provided.  On our initial building walkthrough, we listen to our potential client’s requests while making note of their goal and the standard they are expecting. We ask for permission take photos and videos (when not prohibited) to […]

Commercial Cleaning With An Eye For Details

Move out kitchen inspection

Cleaning can be relaxing and at times therapeutic, whether it is your home or commercial building. It is also hard work, yet many find it fun and gain a sense of accomplishment after cleaning is completed. Cleaning is not for everyone because when cleaning one must have an eye for details. It is more than […]

Is there a difference between cleaning and disinfection?

Yes, actually there is a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting. What is cleaning? Cleaning is the physical removal of foreign material from surfaces. These foreign materials include but not limited to: dirt, dust, soil, grease, and organic material such as blood, secretions, and excretions. With the use of detergents, soaps, and water these substances […]

Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Church Spring Cleaning.

Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Church Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is necessary and important. It is more than cleaning up after a long winter but a means of getting church members to socialize and work together outside of a worship setting. The cleaning usually takes place on a weekend which has all […]

4 Tips to prepare for commercial cleaning service

4 Tips to Prepare for Commercial Cleaning Services Hiring a cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity. All facilities need to be cleaned. A clean building is required for health code requirements, to project a favorable image for customers and potential employees. A clean working environment also enhances the morale of the employees.  […]

Dirty Apartment Embarrassment

Living like a pig “Dirt doesn’t kill anyone unless it falls on them” was a quote I learned in high school. It sounded nice and I pledged not to forget it. I kept that promise until I went to college and dirt almost took my life in my dirty apartment. The once nice dorm room […]

Dishwashing Detergents Amazing Power 101

When you wash dishes by hand, it is the physical scrubbing and scouring motion that removes grease and dried-on food. A dishwasher can do the same job without any hands and fingers.