Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Church Spring Cleaning.


Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Church Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning is necessary and important. It is more than cleaning up after a long winter but a means of getting church members to socialize and work together outside of a worship setting. The cleaning usually takes place on a weekend which has all intentions of being fun. It is important to keep the church clean, but without proper planning and structure, the purpose can be defeated and appear to be a waste of time. 

Here are 5 mistakes that churches make that can be avoided by hiring a professional cleaning company to do their cleaning:

1. They rely on volunteers to do the cleaning

Many churches rely on volunteers. These members commit to the project days or weeks in advance. More often than not, however; some of these same volunteers are unable to keep their commitment leaving the project lacking in manpower.   

When you hire a professional church cleaning service company like Ancenta, you know they will arrive on time and get the job done. Let your parishioners have their weekend to take care of their personal tasks and spend time with their families.

2. Volunteers only clean on the surface

The volunteers may be very enthusiastic, but their untrained eye may miss key areas that need cleaning. 

Our professional service members are trained to use a systematic method to cleaning so that every area is optimally cleaned using the correct formulations for specific surfaces. 

 3. Waste of costly non-commercial grade supplies

The cost of cleaning supplies adds up. The improper use of such supplies in the hands of untrained professionals increases that cost. 

 Professional cleaning services, such as Ancenta, bring their own industrial grade cleaning supplies and equipment. Our professional cleaning staff are trained on the proper use of the equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure the church is safely cleaned.

4. Too much time wasted

Without proper planning and organizing spring cleaning can be a failure. The lack of organization may cause overlap in cleaning responsibilities which is a waste of time. 

A professional cleaning service uses a checklist to help them accomplish their goal of cleaning a church holistically. They use specific steps and processes which optimizes the time needed to finish the project.

5. Work is never done

Unfortunately, church cleaning is never done. Cleaning once a year is not enough and can be overwhelming.  Professional cleaning services utilized on a regular basis keeps God’s house persistently clean, reducing the overall time and work needed to clean in general. 

Ancenta Cleaning Services can provide a plan that will help maintain the beauty of your facility. The plan will include cleaning specific areas on a scheduled basis that will eliminate the need for one time spring cleanings.

To hire an excellent cleaning service partner to clean your church or religious facility, visit us today at

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